At Price College of Business, we pride ourselves on our energy research capabilities, which provide the foundation that enables our scholars to emerge as industry leaders.

In fact, it’s the Energy Institute’s research that often informs policy and business strategy for the energy industry as a whole. Price students get the very same timely and trusted information relied on by the industry.

In our view, the more you can get to the root of any industry issues, the more you can lead change and drive it forward. Our research arm works in close collaboration with the United States government. Having received multiple research grants in support of the EIA's energy and financial markets initiatives, we get to the heart of the issues that matter.

We also sponsor a competitive doctoral fellowship program to support energy-relevant dissertations and help create the next generation of energy business scholars across the world. The Energy Institute has one of the nation's leading communities of scholars, who frequently participate as experts on numerous high-level industry panels and in major energy conferences across the globe.

All this proves that the Institute is not only the industry's trusted, go-to information resource for the industry. It’s also the government’s recognized body for energy research.