Brighter Energy Career

Real education solves real business problems.

It’s a big world out there. That’s why maintaining global competitiveness plays a major role in everything we do at Price College of Business. Whether you work here or attend classes, our focus on staying competitive makes a lasting, positive difference for your future.

From Accounting to Entrepreneurship, Finance to Supply Chain Management, Dual Degree Programs to our Energy programs, our curriculums and practices have been designed to lead the industry.

It’s by creating these industry leading programs of today that we create the energy leaders of tomorrow.

We are driven by the same beliefs and trends that drive today’s business. We aim to develop supportive relationships that equip students with the information and resources necessary for academic and personal success. Our dual degree Master’s programs let you pursue degrees simultaneously in two fields of study. And, our PhD-level faculty offer the right specialization while focusing on the strategic, managerial, and organizational aspects of the field.

Price College of Business gives you everything you need for a better start in business. Every step of the way, we offer the right research tools, information, and support to help you reach the highest levels of your chosen career path.